Propel Easy Use Green 5050 Antifreeze/Coolant 6/1 gal

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UPC: 700191611060
Brand: Propel

Propel Antifreeze & Coolant PRE-MIXED 50/50 FORMULA is a 50/50 mixture of Propel Antifreeze & Coolant and Water. This low silicate, ready to pour EG based product contains inhibitors required to prevent rust an corrosion of all cooling system metals including aluminum.

  • Provides Rust and Corrosion Protection
  • Ease to use PRE-MIXED 50/50 FORMULA
  • May be added to your car's cooling system rated at -34F as an excellent refill since it will maintain -34F as a replacement
  • Raises the boiling point of the car coolant to allow temperatures without boilover in summertime use with air conditioning or heavy duty driving.
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